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Brighter Futures offers effective solutions to complex needs with which many peoples' lives are troubled.

Our customers have suffered difficult ‘trigger’ circumstances which include mental illness, sexual or physical abuse, trauma or institutionalisation. Their best attempts to deal with these situations on their own have often drawn them into addictions or other dangerous situations.

Our customers need someone who has not been involved in their complex cycle of stress, disadvantage and misfortune to help them think about the most effective way out of their situation and to befriend them as they make that difficult journey. That is what our support workers do for thousands of people every year.

Their work is backed up by our network of houses, day centres, specialist staff, groups, therapies and employment opportunities. We work in partnership with other organisations that provide specialist services as part of our packages of support.

Our Values

Our strategy is underpinned by our beliefs and values. These beliefs include an understanding of regeneration, social exclusion and how poverty affects the lives of people.