Housing First – innovative approach to ending homelessness

Housing First is an innovative approach to tackling homelessness for people whom traditional homelessness services do not work. Brighter Futures is a leading provider across the Midlands for Housing First adding to our already established and successful homelessness services.

How can Housing First help me?

This service is for people who
• have experienced long-term or repeated homelessness
• have multiple and complex needs (homelessness, mental ill-health, offending behaviour and substance misuse)
• have found that traditional homelessness pathways don’t work for them
• want to maintain a tenancy
• want to engage with support services in your community.

We will work with you to find out what your ideal accommodation would be and help you to find somewhere you can settle and feel safe. This might be with a private landlord or with a social housing organisation. We aim to get to know you while we are looking for a home for you, so that we can work together to get the right support in place to help you to keep your tenancy once you move in.
You will be able to access a budget to help with setting up your new home, as well as to help you to improve your wellbeing and achieve your goals when you are ready to start thinking about the future. You will have a peer mentor who can help you to build positive networks.
When you no longer need our help, you will usually be able to stay in your home. Customers can get support from the team at any time, to help deal with any problems before they escalate.

How does Housing First work?

Housing First looks at things differently. Accommodation is provided first as a right and not last as a reward. You’ll need to be prepared to commit to work together with us. We believe that with a secure stable home you can be supported to address any other issue. We’ll provide the support you need to help you not return to homelessness.
Our Housing First Team includes people with lived experience, called Peer Mentors who will help to support you. Peer Mentors have may have experienced homelessness and/or substance and alcohol dependency and mental ill health.

Housing First Principles

1) People have a right to a home
2) Flexible support is provided for as long as it is needed
3) Housing and support are separated
4) Individuals have choice and control
5) An active engagement approach is used
6) The service is based on people’s strengths, goals and aspirations
7) A harm reduction approach is used

April’s story

April has a long history of tenancy breakdown, hostel exclusions, unmanaged health conditions, poor mental health, drug and alcohol dependency. April was so chaotic and unwell that most services had barred her.

The first priorities were to find a home and support her with her urgent health needs. April told us that she knew our service could work where others had given up was a breakthrough with her Peer Mentor, Ian. Peer Mentors are people in our team with lived experience. Read more.

Another customer case study

How to contact Housing First

Housing First Coventry is delivered by Brighter Futures in partnership with Ayriss Recovery Coventry

Housing First Coventry referrals are made through the Vulnerable People’s Group and the Multiple Needs Group

Ask anyone who supports you (such as the Rough Sleepers Team, Homelessness Prevention service, Change Grow Live, Steps for Change or Probation) to contact the Housing First team, and we will have a chat to see how we can help

For more information contact us on 024 7509 7750 or email HFCoventry@brighter-futures.org.uk

Housing First Coventry is led by Brighter Futures and funded by West Midlands Combined Authority through government funding to pilot the Housing First approach across the West Midlands.
The pilots include Manchester and Liverpool and are part of a number of policy commitments set out in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government ‘Rough Sleeping Strategy’ (August 2018), which aims to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and eliminate it altogether by 2027.

Are you looking to deliver Housing First?

If you’re a local authority or organisation looking to deliver Housing First, we’re always keen to speak to like-minded people committed to tackling homelessness with us. Our Housing First Team includes a Housing First trainer, with over twenty year’s industry experience, and an established team of Peer Mentors.

To speak to us about how we could work together contact info@brighter-futures.org.uk or ring our Business Growth team on: 01782 406000.