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A Brighter Futures Clubhouse Network volunteer has completed 18 charity events in five years – and shows no sign of stopping yet.

Charlotte Booth, who volunteers at the American Clubhouse in Burslem, started her bid to raise awareness in 2014, where she took competed in the Stoke-on-Trent Race for Life.

She has 16 medals to show for her efforts – taking part in events such as the Spitfire Look Challenge, Douglas McMillan’s ‘Glow in the Moonlight’ walk and the 75km in 75 days challenge in support of Armed Forces Day.

This year, she went one step further and completed the Donna Louise 10k fun run in a Spiderman costume!

Charlotte says: “Honestly, all it was at the start was exercise. I needed to do it and it was an excuse, but I realised I was doing a good thing and I’ve tried to do it more.

“I don’t always fundraise, but I do ask for donations on occasions. It’s more the taking part I enjoy and raising awareness of the good work people are doing out there. That’s even more of a bonus.

“That’s the thing about being involved somewhere like this (at the Clubhouse Network). There’s always someone to remind you of the good stuff you do, and the staff has been brilliant.

Charlotte has been a volunteer since 2017 – and is responsible for keeping count of the number of people coming through the door.

The Clubhouse Network had almost 23,000 visits between 2018/19; 3,000 of which were non-members.

“I’ve been given support that I’ve never been before. It made me believe that I could do it, and that’s why I started volunteering. I wanted to give something back.

“It keeps me going if I feel I’m struggling. Having deadlines occupies my mind, and I have targets that I need to keep to.”

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