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With warm temperatures expected tomorrow (Friday 7 August), how can you help rough sleepers stay safe?

By contacting our outreach team

We work with people 365 days-a-year in both Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme to help people move away from the streets. Please call 0800 970 2304 to alert us to the area of the person sleeping rough.

Offer essentials

We hand out sun cream and water to our customers in the warm weather but if you have made a referral and want to make sure a rough sleeper is safe until the outreach team arrives, donations of sun cream and bottled water can help. Please don’t offer money to them directly.


We appreciate all donations to help our Outreach team help people move away from the streets.

£5 can help us buy water, sun cream, and other essentials to keep people safe.

£50 can help us fund an extra Rough Sleeper outreach session

£100 could help us work with a vulnerable person to make a fresh start.

Make a regular donation 

By committing to give a monthly gift from as little as £3 a month (less than £1 a week) you can help us to plan ahead, and ensure we have the funds to help as many people as possible to lead fulfilled lives.

Giving a regular donation means we can provide support when it is needed. Every penny goes towards providing our services.

It’s easy to give regularly simply set up a standing order for the amount you can would like to give each month by contacting our finance team on 01782 406000 or email:  

Call 999

Warm weather can be dangerous for people without access to water, sun protection, or shade. If you see someone in a situation where they need immediate treatment, phone 999 immediately for the emergency services.

Contact StreetLink

For areas away from Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme, contact Streetlink: 0300 500 0914

By using the StreetLink app, website, or phone line, you can alert Local Authorities and homelessness organisations to people sleeping rough. StreetLink connects people experiencing homelessness with the local support available to them.

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