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24-hours you’re on the go where the time goes, you just don’t know… things to do, people to see – more complex life there could not be.

Once work has all been done, how tired I look. But still, I find the time for Facebook.

Who is on there to have a gossip? – so I can open my secrets closet.

I will tell you all; whoever you are Just like a door slightly ajar what I have done, where I’ve been -just enough to keep you keen.

I am addicted to this new App to spill my feelings like a running tap I will tell everyone where I am: in my home, even on the can…  

On Facebook, my life sounds good when it’s stuck in the mud.

So, it is I live a lie but I’ll keep it up to the day I die. OMG, I’ve been befriended! certainly not as I intended; how do I get this trouble and strife? The answer’s simple – the world knows your life.

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