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Customers at Brighter Futures are being given an extra boost to help them manage their route out of homelessness.

Through funding provided by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, people staying at 90 Hope Street Hostel are being offered COVID-friendly welcome pack to help with the transition away from the streets.

The packs themselves contain a clean set of clothing, including underwear and socks, and essential toiletries. Women are also being provided with sanitary products.

90 Hope Street hostel is a hostel providing accommodation for rough sleepers and people staying there for the first time often have little or no belongings. In some cases – they only have the clothes they are wearing.

This simple action can go a long way in increasing the customer’s engagement with the service – and helps to address the issues that led to their homelessness. This is vital in helping them maintaining a permanent tenancy further down the line.

Toby Langton, Manager of 90 Hope Street Hostel, says: “Our customers are people right at the start of their journey through services. They have little access to anything and extremely vulnerable.

“Since the pandemic, we have seen a sharp downturn in donations. To keep our customers as safe as possible we must quarantine items for 72 hours before use and we also have to restrict access to the donations to minimise contamination.

“This simple action also maximises the customer’s engagement with staff and the service itself which increases the likelihood of the customer addressing their issues and work towards a more permeant and secure tenancy.”

When asked, a Brighter Futures customer said when given a welcome pack of clean clothes ‘it makes me feel human’.

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