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We think it’s important for you to get to know the people in the Brighter Futures team. We spoke to Social Prescribing Link Worker, Tim Davies to give an overview of his role.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your current role?

I’m a social Prescriber for Longton, Dresden, Fenton and Blurton supporting GP surgeries in these areas. I enjoy supporting people, socialising and I value time with family, friends and my own recreation time.

What are the main responsibilities of your current role?

To identify what are the priority needs of patients, what support is available to them, ensuring they have access to this support and to keep in contact with the Patient ensuring the needs they have, where possible, are addressed. This along with ensuring that patients feel they are being listened to and are involved the process of supporting them.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Keeping abreast of emails, making initial contact over the phone with new referrals, following up any progress with support for patients and researching what support is available that I aren’t aware of. There is a good chance that I am in contact with new and current support organisations to continue to build relationships with other professionals.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Having a family and wanting to make the most of what the day brings.

What does your job involve?

Listening to patients, helping patients to see what their strengths are, encouraging them in moving forward. Helping patients to navigate a way forward through any challenges they have whilst maintaining their independence, therefore giving them some responsibility in their own journey.  Due to Covid, finding creative ways of engaging with patients through no face-to-face contact.

What makes your work so fulfilling? 

Hearing how much they appreciate having someone to talk to, someone they can seek help and advice from and who will support them in moving forward. Linking in with more and more services that offer support.  My own personal Christian values of caring and helping people fit well within the principles of being a Social Prescriber.

What are the highs and lows?

Highs as above, challenges – Not always having the support available for people’s needs. The limitations provided on the role due to the COVID Pandemic.  Eg limited on the type of contact we can have.  Knowing that the level of support we provide is dependent on the patients willingness to engage.

How is Social Prescribing making a difference?

For sure it is helping to reassure patients that there is someone that has the time to listen to them and be a consistent form of support. We are contributing towards increasing patients positive mental health and wellbeing, increasing their levels of confidence and working towards them maintaining the levels of independence.

And what do you enjoy most about it

Talking to people, listening to their journeys so far and providing them with an opportunity to move forward. Also enjoy hearing about and working in collaboration with othr professional organisations.

Why is Brighter Futures’ work so important?

Being a Social Prescriber through Brighter Futures gives people hope that there is a way forward through their challenging situation, gives people reassurance that someone is available to listen and advise them and hopefully provides them with optimism for the future as they see their situation improve.

A big thank you to Tim for his time. For more information on Social Prescribing, visit our main page –

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