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An energetic team of fundraisers from Staffordshire University Enabling Team tackled the slopes of Snowden this Summer to raise funds for charitable organisation Brighter Futures.   


The team of nine dedicated colleagues trekked their way up the steep mountain paths to reach the top with laughter, achy legs and a few chocolate bars along the way! 


Emma Coupe, one of the determined trekkers said, “Brighter Futures is a local organisation that we’re proud to support. They help adults with complex needs through accommodation, mental health support, employment and training.  People they help may have had difficult life circumstances such as bereavement, abuse or mental illness, and we’re happy to do our small part to help them to provide that support”. 


The energetic group reached the top in a time ranging from 2 hours for the most energetic and fit to 2 hours 30 minutes for those taking a more relaxed post. 


Asked if they’d do it again the group said a unanimous,’ Yes, not yet, maybe, ask us in a couple of months’.  


The group did agree on one thing, they were all glad they had done it and felt a great sense of achievement. All involved gave the big thumbs up to anyone considering doing it themselves. 

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