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This patient was referred to us as part of the COVID-19 wellness checks. It was identified due to limited family ties, isolation, and deteriorating health that he would benefit from a referral for longer-term social prescribing support. As a result, their GP Surgery made the referral.

This patient lives alone, with their only support network being a sister out of the area. They also have multiple health conditions.

We discussed through the what matters to me approach, what areas of support they needed. The main thing was the company and someone to talk to. After a lengthy discussion, we agreed to put a plan into place.

Priorities included arranging food parcels to come to the door. This was placed as a matter of urgency for them as they found it concerning to leave the house. We also agreed to make a referral to a befriending scheme.

After discussing a range of options, we agreed on a referral to the Care & Fun Club in Blythe Bridge was most suited. Initially, having befriending calls every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

At the start of the journey, this person was having carers in four times per day, but was unhappy, and agreed to cut this down to two times per day. More recently, they stopped all care completely. They carried on receiving food parcels at our request.

We have spoken a few times and they have felt very low in mood. We spoke about wellbeing strategies and what they enjoy. They said they wished they could leave the house and go to the fish and chip shop for a chip supper. I have liaised with the Care and Fun club and they are going to support them for this wish to come true.

On reviewing how this patient has found befriending support, they talked very highly of his mentor who calls three times per week. They have found this to be the best piece of support they could have wished for and hopes this will continue. We also spoke post COVID-19 about engaging in social groups with the Care and Fun Club.

The people involved have been Brighter Futures, his assigned GP who made the initial referral, and the Care and Fun Club. The biggest accomplishment has been reducing the feelings of loneliness and isolation by having support calls three times a week. This has improved and helped them to manage their mood.

Hopes for the future is that the patient in question will continue to receive support once COVID-19 restrictions reduce. He will be able to go and engage in social clubs and have meals out with new friends he makes.


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