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Shocking statistics reveal that almost 3x more women feel able to talk about their mental health than men in Staffordshire as we approach Men’s Health Week, with Brighter Futures encouraging those who need it to speak out.

Statistics from the Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline show 6,900 contacts from men reaching out for support between April 2021 to March 2022, compared to nearly 29,000 from women.

This figure, while higher than 2020/21’s 5,410, shows that a clear stigma still exists when it comes to men’s mental health.

Prominent support calls for suicidal thoughts were also stronger in women, with 738 compared to just 290 over the year. This figure is shockingly low when you consider almost 4,000 men took their own lives in 2020 alone, as published by the Office of National Statistics.

The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline receives contacts from the Staffordshire public 365 days a year with concerns about themselves and someone they know. Provided by Brighter Futures, the Helpline supports people when they need it the most and signposts to other organisations who may be able to help.

Manager, Eunice Burke, says: “Everyone is aware of men’s mental health being a focal point for attention, but we’re simply not seeing enough men come forward.

“The fact men’s mental health is the centre of such a media spotlight shows there’s a problem. Mental health affects us all, so the ratios we’re experiencing between male and female contacts don’t add up. It’s brilliant that so many women are coming forward, but we’re all too aware society isn’t doing enough to speak openly about men and their wellbeing.

“Please, pick up the phone. We’re open 2:00pm – 2:00am 365 days-a-year. We’re here for anyone in Staffordshire. We don’t judge you or tell you what to do, we listen and help you decide the next course of action for yourself. You can ring us, text, email, or instant message us and we support you with a range of issues. You are not alone.

The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline can be contacted via telephone: 0808 800 2234, through text message: 07860 022821, Email:, and via instant message through the main Brighter Futures website.

For more information on other mental health support services provided by Brighter Futures – visit

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