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Rachel has gone from sleeping in a subway to getting her life back on track over the last few months. Hear how she moved on from the streets, dealt with personal issues, and how she wants to go forward from here.


Transcript in full:

I found myself in a position where I was homeless and I was sleeping on the streets quite a while. 

I rang the Rough Sleeper Team – when I was sleeping in a subway for a few weeks. They came out to me and I ended up here (New Hope). I rang them, they came out the next day at half six and by 3:00pm I was here, so it was a quick process, really. 

It’s been great being in New Hope. I’m supported, got good people around me, and it’s a good house. It’s a good organisation. They’ve helped me with a lot of things.

I’ve got no issues. If I need anything, I ask Dann (support worker) and it’s done, it’s sorted. I’ve also got brilliant roommates who are there for me as well. We all stick together and it’s been really good. 

We’ve also decided between ourselves, and Dann, that we’re going to do our own group. Every couple of weeks I think we said – we’ll all sit together and do what we’d do if we went to other services, basically. We’ve also started a little library, so we’ve had some book donations and DVDs. Our next art project will be building a bookcase.

I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. Solicitors, police, and stuff. Anything I need help or reassurance with, I go to Dann and he gets it sorted straight away. I can’t bring myself to do it really. but anything I need gets sorted – no issues.

At the moment I’m only working with Brighter Futures but I’ve applied for help and counselling with different organisations, so I’m just waiting to hear off them and go from there. 

I didn’t know about any rough sleepers services or anything like that so I was in the dark. As soon as I knew about it, I grasped every opportunity I could. Whatever help you need when you’re homeless, take it. 

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