Our Tenancy Support service gives adults with mental health issues the opportunity to live in a more independent environment, with 24 hour support with their tenancy on call.

How can Tenancy Support help me?

Partnership Housing can help you, if you are aged 18 or over and:

  • are experiencing mental ill health
  • are already receiving support from mental health services
  • have never lived in your own home or haven’t done for a long time
  • need support with daily living skills
  • need support in managing your home or tenancy
  • need 24-hour support – Resettlement & Recovery service – you will need a referral from a professional so speak to your CPN or social worker

Partnership Housing provides supported accommodation that promotes independence for people with mental health needs. The service will:

  • Support you to become more independent
  • Help you build the skills and confidence you need to live in your own home
  • Help you to manage your home
  • Help you to budget your money and pay bills
  • Support you to manage self-care
  • Help you to be motivated and take responsibility
  • Support you to maintain relationships with family and friends
  • Help you to maintain and improve your physical and emotional health

Tenancy support is also available over the weekend.

Partnership Floating Support

We offer support to people in their own homes regardless of who is their landlord.

Partnership Resettlement & Recovery

We work in partnership with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust to offer a flexible package of housing and support for a period of up to two years.

Team members include Support Time and Recovery (STR) workers, Occupational Therapists and Brighter Futures Housing Support Workers.

Around the clock support is available at 23 Hillcrest Street for those who need night time support.

We also have several shared properties where people have their own bedroom and the kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared.

How do I access Partnership Housing?

The service is available in Stoke-on-Trent.

To access Partnership Housing, including Partnership Floating Support call 01782 406000.

To access the Resettlement and Recovery service speak to your CPN or social worker and they will complete a referral form to send in on your behalf. For more information call 01782 406000.

Living in a Brighter Futures property?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the United Kingdom has resulted in Brighter Futures needing to review its services and how they can be delivered. This has been undertaken in line with Government Guidance which affects all businesses. As part of the reviehttps://www.brighter-futures.org.uk/repairs-update/w, we have made some changes to your Repair Service.

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