Repairs update

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the United Kingdom has resulted in Brighter Futures reviewing its services and how they can be delivered. This has been undertaken in line with Government Guidance which affects all businesses. As part of the review, we have made some changes to your repair service.

How does this affect you and what are they?

Brighter Futures will only be undertaking essential Emergency Repairs in your home. Below sets out a list of the type of works which could be classed as an Emergency.

Emergency repairs

These repairs will be completed within 24 hours (the same day if possible) of the defect being reported and are not subjected to pre-inspection. They are generally for situations where there is a danger to health or risk to the safety of the occupant or danger of serious damage to the property.

Typical examples being:

  • Complete loss of electricity supply (Please call 105 for power cut information before raising a repair)
  • Burst pipes
  • Flood/fire
  • Blocked W.C. (if only one in the property)
  • Blocked/overflowing drains
  • Complete central heating system failure (October-April)
  • Door or window is insecure

There may be instances when we can only carry out a temporary repair to ensure the situation is made safe and secure, we will then arrange a follow-on appointment (where necessary) to complete the repair.

How can you help Brighter Futures?

When you call to give as much information as you can about the repair

If you need to use the Repairs Service, please can you clear the areas of work so that trades can work efficiently.

For example: If you have boiler failure in your kitchen you could move items from your worktops. This will allow the trade operative clear access to the boiler.

Please be in your property when the appointment has been made and try and keep two metres away from the trade operative or even sit in another room while the repair is being undertaken.

Let us know if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 – we can work differently, inform and protect our staff accordingly to get your repair undertaken.

Check all your safety appliances such as smoke alarms, this can be done by pushing the test buttons to ensure they are operating correctly.

Contact us as normal using the 01782 406000 and option 2