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The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline offers a free confidential service providing a safe place to talk to allow you to explore your emotions and feelings. We want you to feel safe while talking to us, so you can tell us how you’re really feeling.

We understand you might want to keep the fact you’ve contacted us to yourself. If this is the case, you might like to know that:

* if we email you, the word ‘Staffordshire Helpline’ will show in the title. For email, you might prefer to create an address specifically for writing to us, so our replies stay private

* if you call us, our number will NOT show on your itemised bill

* Our service is designed so that we don’t see your phone number when you contact us. We’ll only know your contact details if you give them to us.

If you continue contacting us for some time, we keep information you’ve given us by text or instant message so we know it’s you when you contact again, so we’re up to date with your situation.

We record some statistical information, to report on and improve our service. This includes information such as gender, age, and geographical location. This information never reports about specific people.

“Anything you say is confidential to the team. We do not share what you say, or any personal or contact details, with anyone, unless we feel there is a risk or harm to yourself or others. However before acting on this policy we will confirm our intentions with you”

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