90 Hope Street

Direct access homeless hostel open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service supports people with the issues that have contributed to them becoming homeless and helps them develop the skills and confidence to move on to more permanent accommodation.

Citywide Supported Housing

In partnership with Arch we provide shared or individual accommodation and support to single people who need help to find or manage a home.

Furlong Court

Accommodation and support for people wanting to address the issues surrounding their substance misuse.

Learning Disability

Provides supported housing and floating support for people with learning difficulties.

Partnership Housing

The service gives adults with mental health issues the opportunity to live in a more independent environment but with 24 hour support or tenancy on call.

Safe Spaces

A short term service offering a safe space over at the weekend and mid-week to people in mental distress or crisis for whom a hospital admission is neither wanted or needed.

Walsall Almshouses

Housing and support for vulnerable adults living in Walsall.