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Tom used our Helpline Ring Out Service during the weekend for several years. He was supported by the Helpline Team to talk about his diagnosed anxiety and depression and talk about his coping strategies and support network.

Tom’s regular contact with our Helpline helped him to talk about issues as they emerge and affect his mental health. He has been helped to identify possible causes and triggers for his anxiety and to talk about his physical health. Tom has been encouraged to speak to medical professions about his health. It was found that his medication was part of his health issues.

When he stopped needing the help of the Ring Out service, he told us he feels his mental health has improved considerably. He knows if he needs to speak to us he is able to call us and we’re here to listen.

Our Ring Out Service may be for you if you’re feeling unwell – and we will call you over the weekend to offer extra support. You will need a referral for the Ring-Out Service from your G.P or someone involved in your care plan.

For more information on the Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline, click here. 

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