Providing support to women to help change  aspects in their life that may lead to offending.

How can the Women’s Programmes help me?

We work with women on community orders and post custody licence/supervision. We ensure that the sessions you are offered meet your needs. If your needs change we will work with you to look at this.

We provide group sessions and individual support tailored to meet your needs. Your Probation Practitioner will refer you to us and tell us what sessions you need to complete as part of you order. We offer the following programmes, which you can be referred on to by your Probation Practitioner:

  • Change – You will look at subjects such as; low self-esteem and confidence, optimism, building supportive relationships, wellbeing, dealing with problems and challenges, communication and assertiveness, positive affirmations and aspirations.
  • Healthy Emotions – These sessions are for those in need of focused intervention and look at wellbeing and emotional health. You will cover areas that may include; relaxation, managing anxiety, and taking care of yourself by sleeping and eating well.
  • Healthy Relationships – These sessions will help you to look at what is healthy and what isn’t in relationships, and help you to build supportive relationships in the future.
  • Positive Parenting – These sessions are for women who already have contact with Social Care in relation to their children. These sessions will help you to understand and tune into your child’s needs and feelings, understand their developmental needs and communicate with them positively.

How do I access the Women’s Programmes?

For more information call 01782 208200.