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Before Tina came into Furlong Court, she struggled to manage her alcohol dependency. She has now gone two years without a drink and looking to move on from supported accommodation.  

Alongside alcohol issues, Tina also struggles with depression, and her immediate priority was finding a way of managing her mental health without using drink as a way to cope.  

The Furlong Court team worked closely with Tina to come up with a support plan and helped her to engage with services such as One Recovery and Voices.  

Tina says: “Without the people here, I would never have found the support I needed. I haven’t looked back, and if I had – I wouldn’t be here now.  

“If I have any thoughts of weakness, I go straight to the staff here. I know they care, it means something to them, and that makes everything so much easier. 

I have issues dealing with stress levels – and I’ve learned to manage that frustration and use it positively. I’ve realised that there is no such thing as can’t if you try.  

“There’s help here, you just have to go out, find it and engage with it. I know, because it’s true, if I can do it anyone can.” 

Furlong Court provides accommodation for people to address the issues surrounding their drug and alcohol dependency, with 24-hour support to help re-build their lives. This includes support with physical and mental health, relationships, training and employment help from trained staff.You don’t need to be receiving any other type of help or support to access this service. 

Read more about how Furlong Court could help. 

For more information on the service, contact: 01782 271014.     

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